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Dubrovnik: I blame you for continuing this depraved obsession with Robin Hood movies

Dubrovnik, Croatia is yet again the location for another movie set. It seems like the city council just can't say "no" to a Hollywood offer. Recent movies and television shows shot in Dubrovnik include Star Wars: Episode VIII, Game of Thrones, a Bollywood flick or...
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6 & 3: Split – Six cool things and three not so cool things about Croatia’s second largest city

Split is Croatia's second largest city. It has a reputation for being a "working man's city" instead of a vacation destination, but I don't believe that is a fair representation. Split sits on the Adriatic just like its more popular southern neighbor, Dubrovnik.  It...
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Travel Scams: What to look for and how to protect yourself – How my shoes kept me from being robbed

It can happen anywhere. You either aren't paying attention, or you get confused, and in less time than it takes to take a deep breath, something is stolen or taken from your person. Travel scams can be avoided if you know what to look for, follow a few guidelines, and...
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Best Walks in Dubrovnik

My favorite way to get to know a city is by walking its streets. I will inevitably come across the tourist spots but somehow I can always count on my feet to take me somewhere a little off the beaten path. I am thankful that Dubrovnik proved to be no different!  So if...
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Four things only locals know about Dubrovnik

The network I generate while traveling the world is one of my most treasured souvenirs. The people you meet, the stories they share, help weave a global web of human experience. It isn't everyday that you get to expand that web and I am very grateful for the...
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6 & 3: Dubrovnik – Six cool things and three not so cool things about the Pearl of the Adriatic

If you are planning a trip to the Adriatic, the chances that Dubrovnik is on your list of destinations is high.  Here are six cool things and three not so cool things about the Pearl of the Adriatic, Dubrovnik, Croatia. Six cool things about Dubrovnik Architecture -...
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