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Best small cities in Northern Spain along the Camino Frances

The best small cities in Northern Spain are those that many people didn't even know existed. They are tiny, full of history, and welcoming to every visitor. If you've completed a pilgrimage on the Camino de Santiago, you will remember these amazing towns....
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Understanding Schengen – Know before you go – Long term travel in Europe

Traveling in Europe is great! In fact, I've spent the last seven months in Europe. I was able to explore Spain and the Camino de Santiago, Zagreb, Croatia, and some great cities along the Adriatic. It has been a blast, but due to the length of my visit, I had to know...
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Camino de Santiago: 10 things they don’t tell you

If you are going to commit five weeks of your life to an event, you want to know what you're in for, right? In preparation for walking the Camino de Santiago, I thought I had read everything about the Way of St. James.  Turns out that there are a few realities on the...
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Camino de Santiago: 6 & 3 – Six cool (and three not so cool) things about the Way of St. James

Walking the Camino de Santiago had been on my bucket list for years. In April of 2017, I finished my first camino and already I have plans to return. Leading up to the camino, I tried to read as much as I could to prep for the experience. I wanted to know what was...
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Mold Attack! What to do when you get a bad Airbnb

It finally happened. I was due. The law of averages had made it more and more likely, with every Airbnb I stayed in, that I would finally end up with a bad one. A mold-infested bad one. A hive-inducing bad one. A...
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Dubrovnik: I blame you for continuing this depraved obsession with Robin Hood movies

Dubrovnik, Croatia is yet again the location for another movie set. It seems like the city council just can't say "no" to a Hollywood offer. Recent movies and television shows shot in Dubrovnik include Star Wars: Episode VIII, Game of Thrones, a Bollywood flick or...
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