Want a great coffee shop that is outside the tourist zone in Chiang Mai?  Then you must visit Amy’s Cafe.  Amy’s Cafe is a must do if you want comfortable chairs, A/C, and nice surroundings.  While not a large coffee shop it has a great vibe.   You will not see your typical backpacker here because it is farther out than most venture.  A good place to work if you have sufficient battery power and a truly clean and lovely place to have a chat with friends. I use Amy’s as part of a typical work day routine which you can check out here. 

At Amy’s Cafe you can pick your poison.  Will it be a leather chair or a super gushy upholstered chair for your enjoyment pleasure?  Open from 10 – 6pm daily, you can catch the latest from Amy’s on their Facebook page.   If you are traveling with a working phone, you can find Amy’s on Google Maps.  They serve good coffee and tea and pricing is less expensive compared to in town prices.  I enjoy working here, but you do need to ensure that you have plenty of battery power as electrical plugs are not common.

Order your caffeinated beverage of choice at the counter and your drink will be delivered to you at your seat.

Amy's Cafe - Off the Beaten Path - Chiang Mai

Cozy interior of Amy’s Cafe

Fun note: A durian tree is in the yard.

Thai Tea from Amy's Cafe in Chiang Mai - Off the Beaten Path

Thai Tea

Coffee Counter at Amy's Cafe in Chiang Mai. A great place off the beaten path.

Coffee Counter in Amy’s Cafe.


Look for this sign in front of Amy's Cafe. Scooters can park in the yard. Great place off the beaten path in Chiang Mai.

This is your waymarker to help locate Amy’s Cafe


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