Best Walks in Dubrovnik

by | Feb 25, 2017

My favorite way to get to know a city is by walking its streets. I will inevitably come across the tourist spots but somehow I can always count on my feet to take me somewhere a little off the beaten path. I am thankful that Dubrovnik proved to be no different!  So if you need to escape your Airbnb for a little sunshine, here are the best walks in Dubrovnik.

Best walks in Dubrovnik

Lapad Pedestrian Street – Outside the Old City

If you are in Dubrovnik for more than one day, you need to escape old town and enjoy the Lapad pedestrian street walk. The walk is divided into two parts. The first part is lined with cafes and restaurants and is ideal for people watching. The second part morphs into a contemplative stroll beside the ocean.  You will look out onto the water, see the water crash into the rocks, and perhaps stop at one of the beach front cafes for a coffee (open only during the high season).

Get off the bus when you see the roundabout.

Lapad’s pedestrian street is my favorite walk in Dubrovnik. This is where I finally started to think of Dubrovnik as a real city and not just a movie set.

To get to the Lapad pedestrian street, you will need to take a bus.  This bus ride takes you past the marina and through local neighborhoods which to be honest is a treat in and of itself.

Go to the bus station directly outside of the old city at the Pile Gate. Take the number 6 bus towards Babin kuk. Get off at the roundabout and proceed across the street.    You will be walking down Šetaliste Kral Ja Zvonimira towards the water.  After about a quarter mile of cafes you will hit the water and proceed to the right.  Enjoy this gorgeous view!

A look at the rocky edge leading down to the water.

You hit the ocean once you hit the end of the cafe lined road. Turn right to keep going!

Old City walks in Dubrovnik

The City Walls

There is one walk in Dubrovnik that every traveler must do once. Everyone must walk the City Walls. Since you have to pay for this limited privilege, go with a plan and make good use of your time. The cost is 150 KN per adult and the ticket is only good for one loop around the old city. The loop can take you as little as one hour or you can extend to your liking. There are a few cafes on top of the walls if you didn’t bring any water with you and one public toilet. You simply cannot beat the views. The walls have two entrances and admittance is only during daylight hours. I suggest you use the one by the Pile Gate as your starting point. The photo slider below gives you an idea what beauty to expect.
















Around the Harbor

The “around the harbor” walk in Dubrovnik is more of a “walk and relax” rather than a “power walk”. It isn’t a long walk, it isn’t even strenuous. This walk offers you the ability to find a moment of peace to just enjoy the Adriatic. Exit the Old City and enter into the Old Port. Make a right and maneuver your way around the walls until you get to the pier. Snag a seat one of the benches and breathe in the ocean air. This is a great spot to catch up on your podcasts or puzzle through complicated travel logistics.

If you continue around the walls you will enter the sunbathing area. If the sun is out, you will find locals taking in their Vitamin D.  The sunbathers have a shower to rinse off the salt water and a few places to enter into the water.  A few gentlemen I met there had their routine down to a science.  Sun themselves for an hour followed by fifteen minutes in the water.  Rinse and repeat. These guys were having a great time. They introduced themselves by spreading their arms wide and yelling “hello.”

The terraced rocks help sunbathers find a flat surface to lie on and provide a way into the ocean.

The pier is an excellent place to sit and look out into the ocean.

Sunbathing just outside the city walls. These two guys had their routine down to a science.

Enjoy your time in Dubrovnik.  Don’t forget to check out the six cool things about Dubrovnik and the gossip and stories that only the locals know too!

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