Your biggest safety concern is my best travel hack

by | Jan 11, 2017

Safety first!

I can’t tell you how many safety trainings I have been through in my life for work. I know more about lifting from the knees, how to “properly use a pallet jack,” and how to clean up blood spills than really anyone ought to know. But nowhere in my extensive safety training did anyone ever tell me that my number one safety concern should be my phone.

Understand the danger

Most of us don’t think about protecting our phones beyond trying not to smash the screen. It is important to know that your personal information is at risk every time you connect to public wifi. As a traveler, I am constantly connecting to different wifi networks; however, I have figured out how to protect myself. I use the top VPN service to ensure my safety. Best of all, my VPN has also become my number one travel hack.

You need Express VPN

A VPN is a virtual private network. It protects you and your information while you troll the internets looking for cat memes. Here are some reasons why you need to get Express VPN:

  • Keep your privacy.  Without a VPN, your internet provider tracks all of your internet traffic. They know what you look at and when you look at it. With VPN turned on, your traffic is scrambled so they don’t know what you are viewing. If you believe big brother shouldn’t know what you are doing on the internet, you need a VPN. Get the best with Express VPN.
  • Use public wifi safely.  Hackers are trying to get you! Hackers can piggyback on anyone in a public wifi network. Express VPN scrambles your signal so you can use free wifi without worry. So when you log into your bank account on your phone, you aren’t putting that account at risk.
  • Defeat censorship.  Not every place in the world allows you access to things like Facebook or gmail. (I’m looking at you, China. And also you, Oklahoma.) Just because you are traveling doesn’t mean that you should go without your daily dose of email, memes, and fake news. Let Express VPN bust through those firewalls for you.
  • Stop over paying for stuff.  I certainly don’t want to pay more for a thing just because I’m located in a certain place. Did you know that companies sometimes change the price of an item based on your location? It’s true. Sometimes flights can be way more expensive if you book them from the states rather than from Europe or Asia. With Express VPN, you can fake out the internet by making it look like you’re logging on from a different country (you can select IP address locations from 78 different countries with Express VPN). By searching from different IP locations, I ensure that I get the cheapest prices on my travel needs with Express VPN. No more paying too much!
  • Protect more than just one device with the subscription.  You can protect your laptop, phone, ipad…. you name it! Up to three devices at a time can be used on one subscription.
  • Take Netflix with you (or get stuff you normally can’t get).  I watch Netflix shows. (Hello!) There are some shows available to stream from within the U.S. that aren’t available to stream outside the U.S., and vice versa. This was a neat little discovery for me when I noticed that “my list” on Netflix was showing me different shows depending on whether I was connected through a U.S. IP address or through a foreign IP address with my VPN proxy. Outside of the U.S., you can use Express VPN to watch U.S.-only shows. Inside the U.S., you can use Express VPN to watch stuff that’s not available in the U.S. (It’s similar with Amazon Prime video streaming.) Movies are expensive — this has saved me tons.
  • Listen to Spotify.  Usually, you can’t listen to Spotify (free version) internationally for very long — they cut you off after a short period of time. With a VPN connection, I can make Spotify think I’m in the U.S., and I can listen to Spotify while I work without the time constraints. Honestly, Express VPN and Airbnb have saved me the most money during my travels.

Express VPN is better than other VPNs

Express VPN is super easy to use. You can set it to start up automatically when you turn or your computer. Or you can just press a button and it connects. The interface is simple and easy:

Also, Express VPN can be used on a variety of devices:

Express VPN can be used on a number of devices!Express VPN is the best VPN service out there. VPN  services aren’t all created equal. Believe me I have tried many. Express VPN doesn’t take ten years to connect — it’s super fast. And it doesn’t slow down your internet speed to dial-up levels once you’re connected — you can stream video and music without a problem. Express VPN is rated the #1 VPN service provider for good reason. And it has a great pricing system to match. Who can beat these prices especially when you consider that they offer a 30 day money back guarantee:

So what are you waiting for? You’ve donned the rubber gloves and bent at the knee. You’ve worked the pallet jack with poise and due care. Now it’s time to put safety first and protect your phone! Take advantage of my best travel hack and get Express VPN here.

I hope you enjoy my travel hack as much as I do.  If you need more ways to save while travel.  Check out my favorite way to save money on accommodation.


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Your biggest safety concern is my best travel hack.

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