I am a big proponent of the fact that you should always see a place once.  And in truth, I was rather enchanted by Hong Kong my first go around in the city. But, in case you are wondering, here are 5 reasons why you might want to leave Hong Kong off the travel plans.

Hong Kong Skyline from the Kowloon side.

  1. If your idea of fun doesn’t include shopping malls that stretch, bend, descend and ascend building after building after building.
    1. I swear Hong Kong is one gigantic shopping mall.  The majority of these shops are expensive and only cater to the small frames that are home grown in Hong Kong – one of which, I am not.
    2. There isn’t a place that is more heavily populated with name brands.
  2. If you melt, or mind even, when the temperature never falls below 80 degrees F.
    1. Not on the equator, but definitely part of the subtropics, Hong Kong is hot. Humidity is high. The rainy season runs from April – June.  This makes for some pretty parks about the city and the prized sky lounges that abound can show you marvelous gardens.
    2. Average highs are in the 90s (F)  December through February offer the best (i.e. lowest) temperatures throughout the year.
  3. If your personal space bubble is larger than one millimeter away from your own skin.
    1. It’s crowded. The population of the city is 7.188 Million (2013).  The population density is just over 6,300 sq/km making it the forth most densely populated place on the planet.
    2. However, if you enjoy face timing a friend while walking down a crowded sidewalk and randomly stopping in the middle of said sidewalk full of people now forced to move around you, just to ensure your arm gestures are caught within the video lens, you will fit right in.
  4. If you have some sort of budget that is less than 400.00 USD a day.
    1. Named the most expensive city. You can live like a king and therefore erase the above three issues.  Hotels on the decent side can’t be found for under 100.00 a night (and that is on the Kowloon side.) Yes, you can find hotel rooms for under $100, but you will sacrifice either convenience or comfort.
    2. Drinks are $15-20 USD a piece.  Dinner is easily $50 / head.   Yes, you can eat much more cheaply if you opt for street food.  But if you are road weary, or don’t have a stomach of steel, then expect to pay more for some meals.
  5. If you don’t easily think in 3D when following directions.
    1. Spatial reasoning is needed here.  Skyscraper after skyscraper, the buildings have levels above and below. Entrances to buildings and shops occur in places that you wouldn’t believe.
    2. Hong Kong is a maze, a warren, but on average is 17 stories tall when taking in the average of over 7500 buildings. There are two boxes for each person in Hong Kong.  One to work in (typically on the HK side) and one to live in (typically on the Kowloon side.)  There are sky bridges and underground tunnels with shops, restaurants, and flats galore all spread off of them.  There used to be a living complex called The Walled City that housed over 33,000 people within its 6 acre footprint.  This building was closed and demolished in 1993 because of its crazy conditions, but I swear the architects know how to use every piece of space in Hong Kong.

Kowloon's busy streets.

That all being said. Everyone should visit Hong Kong at least once.  Hong Kong is a big hub city from the USA to the Asian continent.  You will most likely take a flight through here.  I would check your bonuses on your credit cards and possibly use them here to make your stay more enjoyable.

Must do’s while visiting:

1. Visit Lan Kwai Fong. Best night life area in HK.  You’ll find everything from proper pubs to nightclubs.

2.  Take a trip on the outside escalators – A series of escalators that make the commute on the Hong Kong island more pleasurable.

3. Visit a food market or two.  Hong Kong takes fish markets to a whole new level.

4.  Take a ferry between Kowloon and HK.  Some of the best views of the city despite the haze that sometimes hovers due to rain.

5.  Tai Chi anyone?  Get up early to any park and look on or join in to the morning routine.

What’s your vote?  Keep it in the itinerary or leave it?

Grab a plastic chair in Hong Kong and pull up to dinner!

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