Take a Travel Sabbatical

Thanks for joining me on my mine!

I’m Suzy, the human behind 65 Liter Life. I’m on sabbatical – a travel sabbatical. After 15 years in the corporate world, I decided it was time to explore the world and develop new skills. I didn’t want to wait until retirement to pursue my interests. I’ve been on the road for over a 18 months and I’m loving and learning from every second of it. 

What’s a sabbatical? A space of time “away” from the workplace. Traditionally, this is a paid leave by a university or tech company. However, the world is changing. Sabbaticals are great transition periods. They can be between careers, life changes, or events in which you can travel the world and work on your passions.

So what’s a travel sabbatical?

 Time + Travel + Project = Travel Sabbatical

Give yourself the time to learn a new skill. Travel forces you out of your normal routines and makes change easier. The project is what you want to develop. Want to write a book? Learn a language? Become a web developer? Why wait? 

What’s the story behind the name 65 Liter Life?

I created 65 Liter Life because all of my worldly possessions fit into a 65 liter backpack.  Yes, the house, car, and clothing were all sold. Having a 65 Liter Life meant I was free of stuff. Stuff I didn’t need and didn’t use. As Thoreau stated, “sell your clothes, keep your thoughts.” I was creating the life I didn’t want to take a vacation from.



Take an Adventure, Take a Sabbatical

From the start of my professional career, I grouped together my weeks off and criss crossed oceans for two-week getaways.  I would spend three days in a place and move on to the next town.  Sure, I saw the Eiffel tower, but I never found the place to buy locally made cheese or had time to trek across a country. Now, I stay long enough to get to know a place at a deeper level.

It’s time to plan your sabbatical.

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