I just received a Liebster Award! 

A big thank you to Kreete from Adventurous Trails for the honor!   Kreete is my favorite Estonian living in Australia who is currently exploring everything she can.   Are you into sailing?  If so check her piece on on Whitsunday sailing.

The Liebster award is pretty cool because it is presented by bloggers to bloggers.  The award is extra special because it is given by someone working towards your same goal. The Liebster Award works with a pay it forward mentality which should make everybody smile. 

How cool, I received the Leibster Award!

How it works:  Blogger gets the honor.  She must write a post about the award and display the award on her site.  Answer the questions set by the presenter.  Then the winner hunts for another blogger to honor and continue the cycle.

All in all it is pretty cool.

The Liebster Award questions that I was given by the Lady Kreete:

1. What is your most memorable travel experience so far?  First off, no fair starting with a question that makes me choose a memory as my favorite.  Second, a few things come to mind, but probably nothing beats the memory I have of my first over seas trip.  I was departing from  the Detroit airport with an eventual destination of Bali.  Brand new passport.  Not a clue as to what to expect (this was way before Eat, Love, Pray) and once I got through security.  There was a board listing all of the current travel warnings.  The only, I repeat, the only airport listed was Denpensar.  After a mini freakout, I spent the entire trip in culture shock and loved every minute of it.  I am very thankful that I have since learned not allow those warnings to impede my travels otherwise I wouldn’t be able to go anywhere (including half of my own country.)

2. What’s on top of your bucket list?   Finish the Camino de Santiago.  That is on my list for April. 

3. Do you plan your travels ahead or rather go with the flow?  I always plan ahead, then without fail change them once the trip has commenced.  If travel has taught me anything it is the need to be flexible.

4. Have you ever experienced a travel mishap? What was it?  Of course!  Lost luggage?  Yes, on my honeymoon.  Missed a boat transport to another country? Yup, had to scramble for a train instead.  Got “Delhi Belly”?  Yes, on every single trip I have ever taken.  I will spare you the particulars.  

5. What gets you excited about traveling?  The opportunity to see a new place and observe new traditions and customs.

6. How many countries have you been so far? 32

7. Where is your next travel destination?   Kind of up in the air…..it will be Eastern European though. I have exactly four weeks to figure that out.

8. Favorite travel related books/movies?  I’m reading the history of Croatia right now, I don’t think I’d consider that a travel book. If we can rephrase the question to books about culture I have enjoyed reading Catfish and Mandala, Three Cups of Tea, and The Woman Warrior.  For TV, I tend to want to watch Anthony Bourdain when it comes to travel topics.

9. How do you balance work, blogging, traveling and everything in between?  I’m on career gap trip.  I’ve had this trip as a goal for many years now and am excited to be in the middle of it.  I think that with careers lasting longer because humans are living longer it is important to insert breaks into your life that are focused on self development.   I want to explore the world now and learn now so I can benefit from those experiences for the remainder of my life.  Balance is what you make of it. 

10. If you could be any other blogger for a day, who would you be and why?  Just me.  Would love to meet a ton of them and hopefully I will get that opportunity.

11. Best advice for new bloggers?  Keep doing it.  Whatever the roadblock – work through it.

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