Life on the Road

You’re not on vacation.

I know you know that, but I’m pretty sure that your friends, family, or online buddies think that you are traveling the world so that you can be an utter sloth, drink margaritas, and perfect the art of souvenir haggling. Am I right? Time to set the record straight about what life is like on the road.

Fact is, the human body just can’t be that lazy. Yes, it is easy to bargain for souvenirs, imbibe in a great margarita or two, and generally be sloth like for a few weeks (that’s called vacation), and I am a firm believer that everyone needs to take those. Life, however, isn’t a vacation.

Case in point. Look at those that have put in their 40 years of work and have successfully retired from the “workforce.” Every single one of them works still. They just work on their own terms now. Whether you tend to lean towards the creative or logical, you have to have a job. Oh, you’re a multi-millionaire and don’t need money? Doesn’t matter, you too need something to challenge and grow your brain if you want to maintain happiness. This job isn’t about money – it’s about learning and developing new skill sets.

As a traveler, you have a job to do. I’m going to let you in on a big secret! Life on the road is extremely close to life at home. All those mundane things that you absolutely hated doing – yup, still there. Those great things about a life home – well, those are still around on the road too. The difference is that your surroundings offer up completely different opportunities.

Since travel naturally puts you out of your comfort zone, the natural tendency is to try new things and accept new ideas. If you’re surrounded by temples, you might learn about a new religion. The best diving around is just out your doorstep? Marine biology and the maintenance of an underwater eco-system might be some of you new google searches. This is great!


A few more helpful items to make your life on the road successful.


  • How to get and extend visas. I’d suggest that you apply for the ones you know you need in advance of your trip, but it is easy enough to get visas while you are on the road.

Medical Care Abroad

  • Medical Tourism is a thing. Surprisingly enough, it doesn’t have to mean that you are jaunting off to get plastic surgery. Finding a few doctors abroad can make life easy. I’ve had great success with eye doctors, general practitioners, etc while on the road.

Best Cities to be a Digital Nomad

  • Zagreb, Croatia
  • Chiang Mai, Thailand
    • A long time favorite of everyone! It is hard to be the affordability and infrastructure
  • Playa del Carmen, Mexico
    • If you can find a place to live on your budget – then you’re set. Internet is great, food is cheap, and the infrastructure can’t be beat.
  • Split, Croatia
    • Love this city. The tricky part is finding housing on budget especially during high season, but it can be done.
  • Hvar, Croatia
    • This won’t work if you require perfect internet as it is still affected by the weather, but a solid choice for those that need to sit down and crank out content.
  • Places I have tried, that I wouldn’t suggest for digital nomads or those needing great internet, decent infrastructure, and a reasonable budget.
    • Panama – Neither Panama City or Boquete really work, but Boquete is the best of the two options.
    • Montenegro – Kotor’s internet isn’t fast enough yet. Outside of that, the city is great in the off season for nomads. Podorgica – is a winner.


Travel in Europe 

  • The Schengen Agreement – Do you know what it is? If you want to spend a significant time in Europe, you need to learn about it.


  • Unfortunately, there are a few agencies in life that make it necessary to still be able to receive snail mail. You’ve got to figure out how to handle correspondence abroad.


  • Yes, you still have to pay them. Get some basic talking points to discuss with your accountant here. You and your business will thank you.


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