Lobby Hopping: Dubrovnik – Best hotel lobby for work

by | Feb 20, 2017

Since I work while I travel, I seek out places in which I can really get a solid work session done. I pick my Airbnbs specifically so I can be productive, but sometimes I just need to get out of the house. Hotel lobbies are great, or can be great, locations to get a checklist accomplished. They are tricky to find, buy once you find the good hotel lobby, you can let your productivity roll. If you have a last minute deal to work on or are a digital nomad, you need to get on board with lobby hopping. Here is a checklist for what makes a hotel lobby a great option for lobby hopping for work. 

Must haves for a great lobby hopping hotel

  • Comfortable seating (otherwise why not be on a park bench)
  • Seating with a table at desk height (laptop work)
  • Able to seat at least 30 people 

Preferences for a great lobby hopping hotel 

  • Not right in front of the reception desk (less traffic)
  • Has a cafe (for coffee)
  • Close to city center (because thats where you live)
  • Caters to business travelers

Lobby hopping is something I always cover in my Deep Cuts city guides. Since there won’t be a Deep Cuts guide for Dubrovnik, Croatia, I wanted to cover the best hotel lobby for work. Dubrovnik is a beautiful city that has hundreds of housing options available to the traveler. In general, the largest hotels are far away from the city center in Dubrovnik and offer more of a resort type atmosphere. Due to distance, these are immediately discounted due to the expense of travel. However, larger hotels tend to be the best for lobby hopping because they offer an air of anonymity and spacious lobbies.  It so happens, that Dubrovnik offers up the perfect option. 

Best lobby hopping in Dubrovnik – Hilton Imperial

Located just outside Pile Gate, the Hilton is the closest hotel to the Old City that offers a great lobby for relaxation and work. It brings in the yellow stone hue of the old city and combines it with red to make for a very comfortable atmosphere. A dark wood cafe/bar at one end provides the services needed to be able to sit down for a few hours and work. The Hilton Imperial hosts a nice mix of business and tourist travelers which makes it perfectly normal to break out your laptop for a work session.  I highly recommend the Hilton Imperial if you need to get of your apartment but still stay productive.

Lobby hopping is a great way to get work accomplished while you travel. Here is my pick for Dubrovnik, Croatia.

View of the entire Hilton Imperial lobby. Enter at the main entrance and walk straight, the lobby will be on your right.

Lobby hopping is a great way to get work done while you travel. This is my pick for Dubrovnik, Croatia.

The cafe/bar offers up great coffee and stronger drinks to keep your creativity flowing.


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Lobby hopping is a great way to get work accomplished while you travel. Here is my pick for Dubrovnik, Croatia. Lobby Hopping is a series that is covered in the Deep Cuts city guides.

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