It’s Sunday. What to do in Mexico City?    There is always a little something for everyone.  Here are 5 things for you to try in Mexico City.

  • Wake up and get ready to exercise.  In the El Centro Neighborhood, the Paseo de Reforma is shut down to car traffic on Sundays.  You will see locals come out in droves on bikes, jogging, running, or walking their dogs for hours on the now pedestrianized street.  The city does still allow for cross traffic, so there are policeman and volunteers helping to guide both walkers and drivers alike.  This is a great way to see the sights down the infamous road including the Angel de Independencia and the Monument to Cuauhtémoc.  Put on your running shoes, or grab a Ecobici at one of the “free” bike docking stations around town.  I put free in quotes because you have to pay for a membership card.  If you are around long term, get the 400 pesos card, it’s good for a year.  If you are just in town for a short while, there is a 3 and 7 day card that you can purchase. Cap your time on the bike to 45 minutes, otherwise you will be charged additional funds.  By then you should have worked up an appetite. Head over to the Roma Norte neighborhood for two must see stops.
  • The Calle de Oro Market. This market is located on the Calle de Oro, but is only open on the weekends.  The goods aren’t geared toward the super touristy trinkets, but it is definitely worth taking a look through.  Actually though, you are really there for the food.  The south side of the market is dedicated to eateries, and really all you have to do is pick one, any one.  Your welcome.

In Mexico City on a Weekend? Check out Calle de Oro for a weekend market. Tip: Have lunch there!

  • Once you’ve had enough, time for a leisurely stroll down Avenue Medellin. Go South 5 ½ blocks until you reach Calle Querétaro.  Just off the corner of the intersection you’ve found Mercado Roma.    Hopefully you either aren’t too stuffed, or at least you can stomach a taste or two.  Desserts, tapas, Asian inspired foods, cheese vendors, you name it and its crammed into this Mercado. If you can’t hit everything on this list – rank this high up there.

Hipster? Foodie? Get here on your next trip to CDMX!

  • Everyone needs to get a little history in now and then.  Keep your walking shoes on!  Historic Mexico City is up next.
  • Start from Av. Reforma and head east on Av Juárez.  Take in the beautiful Alameda Central Park.  Snap a shot of the Palace of Fine Arts.  Get your shoes shined perhaps by one of the MANY pop up booths on the street.

Great Park in the middle of El CentroMexico City Architecture! I couldn't get over the amazing buildings in the downtown area.

  • Continue straight on until you cross  Eje Central Lázaro Cardenas onto a Pedestrian Only walking street, the Calle Francisco I. Madero.  The street is a shopping mecca, but not really catering to either high end or specialty shops.  It’s a great mix with a few restaurants mixed in. Of course, you are surrounded by historical buildings.  Eventually you will dead end into the Zócalo plaza.  Enjoy and feed the pigeons.


After all that, you know you deserve a treat.  It’s time to relax and figure out what to do tomorrow.

Mexico City. It's slowly rebranding itself from DF (Federal District) to CDMX (Mexico City)

Do you have any favorite things to do in Mexico City? Please share so I can check them out when I’m back!


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