If you want to save money on your next travel adventure and you want your trip to be unforgettable, then Airbnb is for you!

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Airbnb allows you to be picky about where you stay and what amenities you will enjoy.   Indoor fireplace?  Check. Full Kitchen?  Check.  By the beach?  Check

You determine the level of magnificence that you will sleep in.

Here are a few tips to making the most out of your Airbnb stay.

Airbnb is my go to method of housing while I travel.

  • Get your discount

    • Haven’t used Airbnb before?  No problem.  If you follow this link, you will receive $35.00 off your first qualified booking through the referral program.  You see, I love it so much, that I want you to take advantage of the opportunities out there too!  You will set up your account and start looking for your perfect travel destination.  You can see airbnb’s terms  here. Not sure where you want to visit yet?  Just input your budget and set the city to Anywhere.  You will be amazed at the places available to you.
  • Look early and often

    • Available bookings can change depending on the season you are traveling in.  If you are traveling to a popular place for a festival, book early…..like months in advance early.  When the hotels would typically be booked, so will the airbnbs.  However, no hotel is going to provide you the comfort and amenities like an airbnb can. 
    • New properties come online on Airbnb all the time.  Check back to make sure that you aren’t missing anything.
  • Stay longer

    • Many properties offer discounts on week long or even month long stays!  Take advantage!  I’ve saved upwards of 60% off a stay just due to length of time!
  • Travel as a group

    • I’ve found that properties that can house 4-8 people tend to be priced better per person than those designed for a couple.  If you have a group this is by far the cheaper option of housing for travel than a hotel.
  • Book the best kitchen

    • If there isn’t a photo of the kitchen, I don’t book a place.  The kitchen is key.  I choose to save additional money while we travel and cook the majority of our meals.  I will admit that a photo of the spice rack in one property profile was my tipping point and it turned into a lovely two month stay. 

Airbnb is the best way to enhance your travel experience. It is a bonus that it also saves money on housing.

  • Be aware and then ask

    • Look at all of the costs associated with a  rental.  Some renters add on cleaning fees.  This is negotiable.  If you are looking far enough in advance, send a note to the renter to ask about the property and all fees.  The worst thing that can happen is that you have to pay the fee.  
    • Additionally, if they offer a cleaning service, you can negotiate for the service to come more often during your stay so you don’t have to worry about the clean up!
  • Be picky

    • Make sure that you use all the filters available to you.  For example, I know that I must have Wifi, AC, Essentials, Kitchen, Washer, and Desk Space.  With everything checked off, I then search by the map feature.  If I want to be by the beach, I am going to be by the beach!  Downtown?  It better be smack in the middle of downtown.  If you have the luxury of being in the town that you are booking, arrange a meet and greet with your top three renters and visit the properties in person.  This way you can make the most informed decision.
  • Be Nice

    • Remember that you are staying in someone’s home.  Be nice to it.  Communicate with your host should anything become broken.  Many hosts will leave a small gift when you arrive like chocolates or a bottle of wine.   If you are staying for a length of time, consider doing the same in return and spread the love!
  • Bonus

    • New feature of Airbnb!!!!!!  They now offer more than just housing!  You can purchase unique curated activities for your adventure to make it all that more memorable!  Find them under Experiences.

With these seven tips you will be saving a massive amount of money that you can apply to other parts of your travels.  Don’t forget to get your $35.00 coupon here!  Take it as the 65 Liter Life Families way of encouraging travel!

Happy Travels.

This post contains affiliate links.  That means if you purchase something through one of the links, I will get a small commission.  Bonus it's at no greater cost to you! Thanks!

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