Using the tram in Zagreb is traveling like a local.  They are easy to use once you know how they work.  Whether you want to check out the unusual in Zagreb or visit the top ten sites, the tram is the best way to get around. Here is how to use the tram in Zagreb.

Orient yourself within the City on the Map

Looking at the tram map, there are a few stops that you should remember the names of as they are the main intersections. You can hardly go four minutes without a tram coming into one of these stations.  The main intersection is called Trg Bana J. Jelačića since it is in the main town square.  The tram stop by the train station is called Glavani Kolodvor.  Once you’ve figured out where you want to go, look for your selected tram coming down the tracks.  The tram numbers and end destinations are all listed on the front of each tram for easy identification.

Using the tram in Zagreb is a great fast way to get from one end of town to the other.

Save a copy to your phone or Pin it. This map is a lifeline when navigating town.

Buy your Tram Ticket

Meet the Tisak stand. Tisak stands are located by almost every single tram stop in the city.  Think of them as your normal newspaper stand that also sells tram tickets.   You will have two options here.  You ca either buy a 10 KN ticket that is good for single use (90 min) or the 30KN ticket that is good for 24 hrs of unlimited travel.   While you can also buy your ticket on the tram itself from the driver, I prefer to buy them from the Tisak.  It is just easier.  You avoid having to negotiate a sale with the driver through a four inch slot in the window while pushing through the tram crowds.

With ticket in hand, it is time to board the tram.  Use the map provided here or look on the tourist map you picked up from the tourist information center to decide your location.  The newer trains will have displays that show you the stop names so you can be sure of where you are landing. The system is amazingly efficient. You need to validate your ticket on the tram.

Validate your Tram Ticket

You can do that in the first or last car of the tram. The validators in the middle of the tram only scan passes which is different than your paper ticket.  There are inspectors that validate ticket purchases.  They dress in plain clothes and just walk around the tram randomly to check your ticket with a handheld scanner. In two months, I was asked once for my ticket.   Most locals purchase their rides through an app that they have on their phone so they will never approach the validation machines.

Using the tram in Zagreb is a great fast way to get from one end of town to the other.

Find these on the first or last car within the tram.

Using the tram in Zagreb is a great fast way to get from one end of town to the other.

The newer tram cars will show you the current stop so you can be sure to know where you are.

















The tram in Zagreb will get you almost everywhere you want to go within the city.  When the tram ends, buses will pick up the slack to carry passengers longer distances.  Now it is time to explore.  If you haven’t booked your Airbnb yet in Zagreb, don’t forget to sign up here!

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How to use the tram in Zagreb. Travel like a local and use the tram to get from one end of town to the other. It is easy.

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