So, I am trying something new this year when it comes to my travel planning.  I am going to plan ahead and KEEP those plans. You see, in the past, I have planned trips and then last minute changed my mind. The change could have been the city, the country, or yes, even the continent I planned to visit.  Doing that incurred extra cost along with the unintended excitement boost.  While I have loved the excitement, my pocketbook hasn’t beeh a big fan of these changes.

I’m feeling quite proud at the moment because I know what I’m going to be doing for the next few months and I’m doing it all on budget! 

Jan – May – I’m going to be in EUROPE!

January to February, I am going to check out Montenegro. I’ll be staying in Kotor (look for the upcoming video on my place there).  From there, I’m not only going to ride out the remainder of the winter, but launch my first guidebook!  Weather permitting I will be hiking the beautiful mountains around the city.  For the last two weeks of February, I will be heading back up the Adriatic coast to celebrate my birthday and get ready to overland into western Europe. 

March will take me to Portugal.  Yet another new country for me.  While I watch spring bloom, I’ll be walking from Porto north into Spain. The month is going to culminate in a fab family visit in Barcelona.  Mr. 65 Liter and I are always excited to have visitors and see friends and family.  

2017 travel plans are made for the first part of the year.

A vista that I get to revisit in April this year!

In April I will continue my time in Spain completing the Camino de Santiago.  I began this pilgrimage in 2016 and in 2017 I am going to finish.  You can look forward to photos from parts of Spain that aren’t typically seen as tourists destinations outside of the pilgrims that walk through.  This slow walk / pilgrimage style travel is my favorite type of travel out there.  You get to know a landscape, its people, and its visitors on such a more base line level.  You struggle up mountains, through rain storms, and around town festivals together.  I’m still looking for the perfect phrase that communicates a solitary journey done with others.  Until then, I will stick with the mantra Buen Camino!

In May, I’ll be back in Croatia, but on an island this time.  Super stoked about this month long stay and the opportunity to explore the Adriatic Coast at a deeper level.

I embark on this planned trip in two days.  First up is a train from Zagreb to Belgrade.  Belgrade is just an overnight and I won’t have time to explore. The next day, another train from Belgrade to Bar, Montenegro.  This is touted as being the most beautiful train ride in Europe.  Needless to say, I am looking forward to it.  A few buses later I will finally land in my month long home in Kotor. 

Here’s to the best-laid plans and the excitement of experiencing new places.  

View from the Camino de Santiago from 2016.

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